A good day for a great future

EARTHDAY.ORG works to spread awareness and action for the environment worldwide. Since 1970, the organization has teamed up with over 150,000 partners in 192 countries. This year, they’re highlighting the issue of plastic pollution – something that hits home for us at KnowledgeCotton Apparel, operating in the clothing industry.

The Earth Day 2024 theme is Planet vs. Plastics, a crucial issue that shouldn’t catch anyone off guard. When plastics degrade, they emit harmful chemicals into food, water, and air, posing significant challenges for the planet and our well-being. EARTHDAY.ORG states that global plastic production now exceeds 380 million tons annually, surpassing that of the entire previous century.

In addition to influencing legislation concerning pollution, the organization endeavors to achieve a 60% reduction in plastic usage by 2040. This goal will be pursued through initiatives such as raising awareness, eliminating single-use plastics, decreasing plastic consumption in fast fashion, and exploring innovative technologies and materials.

“The Planet vs. Plastics campaign is a call to arms, a demand that we act now to end the scourge of plastics and safeguard the health of every living being upon our planet.”
– Kathleen Rogers, President of EARTHDAY.ORG

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Changing our industry from within

Each year, the fashion industry produces billions of garments, and nearly 70% are made from plastic or synthetic materials. People are buying more and keeping clothes for less time, leading to a big waste problem. A huge part ends up in landfills or incinerators, with very little recycling. Plus, making clothes from oil adds to pollution. During the last 50 years, it’s only gotten worse.

So, what can we do as a clothing company? The answer is a lot – and we’re doing it right now. In 2023, 90% of our products were crafted from natural fibers, with the remaining 10% sourced from recycled man-made materials. Hopefully, it will be 100% natural fibers by the end of the decade. Through innovative practices, we strive to fully eliminate the use of plastic in our production processes and packaging.

"Our commitment to help rebuilding this planet is deeply embedded in our company culture, evident through a series of impactful initiatives. One of them is to have zero plastic in our products and packaging."
– Mads Mørup, KnowledgeCotton Apparel founder & CEO

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Solutions are in the bag

Last year, over 500 billion plastic bags were produced worldwide, equivalent to a million bags per minute, as reported by EARTHDAY.ORG. These bags often have a lifespan of mere minutes but persist for centuries as microplastics, infiltrating ecosystems globally.

Naturally, we rely on bags for our products. That’s why we proudly support Vela. Being weather-resistant, durable, transparent, curbside-recyclable, and FSC™ certified, Vela™ paper bags offer an innovative alternative to plastic. The company’s products are manufactured by Seaman Paper – a renowned specialist in lightweight paper and packaging items.

We’re fully behind the crucial efforts of EARTHDAY.ORG
and fellow dedicated organizations.

Join us on our journey towards a better future for people and planet.