Ten years of change with Chetna

No matter what we do or design, it is always our goal to help change our industry from within. One way to make that happen is to work with Chetna. 

The Chetna Organic initiative is all about empowering small farmers and helping them make a better profit from fairtrade produce. The agricultural company mainly works
with farming families in rainy parts of central and eastern India and has made a huge difference since its establishment in 2004.

Currently, the Chetna organization brings together a network of 15,279 families dedicated to cotton farming, and new members are being added constantly. Their success comes from a collaborative effort in establishing a fair supply chain. Because of Chetna, thousands of farmers have experienced positive transformations in their socio-economic circumstances, leading to stability and better prospects for their futures.

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Cotton is caring

India is the world’s largest producer of organic cotton. On the other hand, only 1% of
the country’s entire cotton production is organic, so the need to turn things around is still immense. Organic cotton practices include both ecological and social criteria. No fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or GMOs are being used, and every step in the manufacturing chain is traceable. Many of the Chetna farms are both fair trade and GOTS (global organic textile standard) certified, securing improved livelihood while protecting the planet. As everyone involved benefits from cotton being cultivated in a more responsible manner, it all comes down to spreading awareness.

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A progress worth celebrating

In 2013, we made our first purchase of Chetna cotton. Ever since, our commitment has only kept growing, and 2023 marks our ten-year anniversary working with Chetna. Each year, KnowledgeCotton Apparel strikes agreements to guarantee the purchase of a set amount of cotton. This provides a safety net for the farmers, ensuring their income regardless of how much cotton they produce. Today, around 70% of our Indian cotton supply hails from these Chetna families, and we're looking to increase that number even more.