Nature is a part of our Nordic soul. The vast forests and mighty mountains. The whispering streams and clear waters. The lush meadows and rolling fields. For millions of years, nature has ruled undisturbed up here in the north. Under the unrelenting midnight sun, and during the coldest of midwinter nights. 

This is our Nordic origin. The respect for nature is deeply rooted in the northerners soul. Nature is our source of inspiration. This is where we explore, contemplate and learn new things. Here at KnowledgeCotton Apparel we always strive to create a true to nature experience. That is why it is so painful to see how we treat our dear Mother Earth. 

Recently we learned that even though only half the year had passed, humanity has already consumed all of Earth’s assets for the rest of the year (Earth Overshoot Day was August 22). Before the end of this year, we will have consumed resources for 1.7 globes . One does not have to be especially gifted in order to understand the consequences of such behavior. We are already seeing the results, and they are only becoming more and more apparent. 

Without a balance in nature there can be no human life. It's as simple as that. Mother Earth gives us our food, our water, our clothes, our houses. But nature does not need humans for its survival. Planet Earth has seen countless species come and go. We humans are just one in a line of short-lived guests, though perhaps the most short-sighted. An insignificant parenthesis in the magnificent story of this blue planet. 

When humanity has expired, Mother Earth, along with the species that follow the importance of moderation and balance, will begin to rebuild everything. A new world of ecological balance will emerge. With clean water, fresh air and exuberant species diversity among plants and animals. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be a part of that? 

Let's keep the dream alive.