We are nature lovers

For us, nature is more than a place to visit. It’s a source of power. A world of experiences and adventures that is just waiting to boost us with energy. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to escape the city for a while, to go out and get energized by the wonders of nature.

This is our philosophy when we create our clothes. Just as nature is present in every fiber of our garments, respect for the planet has been built into our company since the beginning. Being in touch with nature is our way of staying authentic and evolving in a responsible way.

Nature heals

It is easy to understand why we humans find nature so pleasing. Most people testify that experiences with nature increase their general wellbeing. Studies show that after spending time outside, people feel better and are more relaxed and balanced while being better focused on their tasks.

We can probably all relate to that refreshing feeling, even research confirms that nature heals. Being in nature reduces stress and anxiety, and makes us feel better emotionally. It also contributes to our physical wellbeing.

When we are absorbed by nature-scenes, our blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and production of stress hormones are reduced. Nature experiences can even help us cope with pain and illness.

Inclusive approach to outdoor life

Being one with the elements of nature not only gives us physical and mental stimulation, it touches our inner self and creates an inexplicable contact with our human origins. A soul nurturing reminder of values that have been set aside in our modern society.

At KnowledgeCotton Apparel, we want to promote an inclusive approach to outdoor life, where you don't have to be an adventure athlete to experience the beauty and energy that nature so generously offers. A walk in good company can be just as invigorating. The important thing is to get out and get energized.

Because we are all nature lovers